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Belbin Team Role Model Management

Use talents to improving team performance

The Belbin team role model is designed to use the talents and personalities of team members. If you want your team to improve its performance by working together more effective, it is important that you learn to use the psychological diversity in your team to its fullest potential.

Real cooperation is not easy. We all strive for it but difficulties always arise at some point. Between team members there are big differences in style, attitude, temperament and personality. These differences are explained by the Belbin Team Role Model.

Belbin Team Roles

Team Roles describe the behavior that we can recognize when we work together with others. Each team role is actually a strategy in dealing with work and with colleagues. In other words, a favorite style of cooperation that can be seen by working with others. Team roles are the perfect instrument to use these different styles to their fullest potential.

Team roles are complementary

A team must consist of different roles to achieve maximum performance. The nine roles are essentially complementary. They complement and reinforce each other, but they can also contradict and compete with each other. A team role says a lot about the style of work of a team member and comes from the personality of the individual.

In practice, we all have two or three team roles that fit us naturally and some that we really do not like.

The Nine Team Roles and Their Talents

Description, characteristics, thrives on, contributions and pitfalls


Bedrijfsman Held
Implementer is the practical organizer within the team. Disciplined, orderly and task-oriented. Implementer puts plans and ideas into easily executable tasks. He/she can be a little too practical and conservative when the usefulness of new ideas is not immediately clear.
Structured approach, hard-working, down to earth, a realistic professional, sees what works and what does not.
Unambiguous agreements, clear instructions, rhythm and regularity.
Practical organizer in the team. Puts ideas into plans and actions. Excellent executer of plans, systematic worker.
Acts before thinking things through. Being inflexible, dismissing innovation too quickly.


Brononderzoeker Held
Resource Investigator is the cheerful, extroverted person with lots of contacts within and outside the team. He/she is enthusiastic, adventurous and open-minded and always looking for new ideas. Resource Investigator is naturally good at developing and maintaining contacts, but may become careless when the novelty wears off.
An extrovert, communicative, playful, enthusiastic, natural brainstormer, opportunist and curious.
Innovation, people and contacts, variety and adventure.
Numerous external contacts, brings new ideas and opportunities into the team. Brainstorm talent, improviser.
Being too easily distracted, starting things without finishing them, being overenthusiastic or too optimistic.


Plant Held
Plant is the creative thinker of the team. Innovative and original. A free spirit who needs space to fantasize about new and surprising solutions to complex problems. Plant is not always practical and sometimes misses what others require from him/her.
An introvert, thinker, daydreamer, philosopher.
Intellectual challenges, creativity, peace and quiet, space and recognition.
Creativity, innovative ideas. Solves difficult problems.
Being too unrealistic, thinking without acting or practical results.


Monitor Held
Monitor is sensible, thoughtful and critical. The analyst of the team. He/she is always analyzing situations and wants to get to the bottom of things. As Monitor he/she may deliberate long and thoroughly and his or her judgment is rarely wrong.
Thoughtful evaluator, an analyzer, asks questions, explores logical reasoning.
Insight and overview, analyzing, to understand and comprehend.
Overview, accurate analysis and judgment, strategic and critical insight.
Maintains intellectual reasoning too long, being overly critical, impassive and distant.


Vormer Held
Shaper is driven, passionate and willful. He/she has a strong urge to perform, looks for challenges and gets things going. Shaper makes sure deadlines are made and goals are met, one way or the other. He/she can get frustrated and react angrily or emotionally.
Driven, passionate, willful, competitive, entrepreneur, pioneer, courageous, impatient.
Pressure and competition, clarity, results and winning.
Moves teams forward, provides results, overcomes obstacles, handles conflict easily.
Can provoke others and hurt people’s feelings. Intolerant to less ambitious people.


Voorzitter Held
Coordinator is the natural coordinator of the team. He/she looks after procedures, helps team members clarify intentions and summarizes what everyone wants. He/she has a nose for talent and knows how to utilize people to their full potential. Coordinator trusts others and delegates easily but sometimes has a tendency to leave too much work to others.
Natural coordinator, calm, tolerant, positive, open-minded and curious.
Procedures, progress and decisions, combined efforts, setting goals, togetherness.
Clarifies goals, structures discussions, creates unity, takes (tough) decisions.
Slightly manipulative to reach goals. Delegates work too easily.


Zorgdrager Held
Completer Finisher has the talent to always feel what could go wrong. This leads to a lot of attention to details, checking and rechecking, and a tendency to perfectionism. He/she monitors the quality and safety, but can sometimes be overprotective and find it difficult to delegate things to others.
Conscientious, a perfectionist, focused on detail, inner tension, (overly) concerned, accurate.
Safety and security, quality, details.
Eye for detail, foresees potential problems, watches over quality, risk analyses.
Inclined to worry unduly and discourages too much. Reluctant to delegate. Can be a nit-picker.


Groepswerker Held
Teamworker is the most sensitive member of the team, helpful, accommodating and focused on creating a pleasant atmosphere and sense of togetherness. He/she prefers balance and harmony and is close to others. Teamworker has difficulty with conflict and may have trouble taking decisions at critical times.
Social, people-oriented, mild, diplomatic, easy going, funny, sensitive.
Togetherness, connectedness, improving personal relationships.
Relationship oriented, sensitive and caring. Creates togetherness and team spirit.
Indecisive in crunch situations. Avoids conflict and confrontation.


Specialist Held
Specialist is an immeasurable source of knowledge in his/her field. An advisor who is gladly consulted and will provide knowledge on a specific topic with pleasure and ease. His/her contributions to the team are his/her substantial knowledge and technical skills. Specialist thrives less well when working together and does not care for social activities that much.
Dedicated professional, silent and unfaltering soloist, highly task-oriented, advisor on the sideline.
Working independently, peace and regularity, opportunity to present extensive knowledge.
Expertise and specialized knowledge.
Becoming isolated. Not getting his/her advice accepted because of lack of social interaction.


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